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Part 2: THE Mechanics of Existence


In Daheshism, God is not an anthropomorphic entity. Furthermore, we do not know what God is.

That being said, Daheshism demands that we respect other cultures' idea of God. Therefore, a Daheshist is obligated to respect (for example) a "primitive" people's referring to such things as menhirs, monoliths, or stones, as their deity:

Firstly, and for lack of a better analogy, technological advancement is no guarantee of spiritual enlightenment.

Secondly, even in our technologically-advanced civilization, you might come across a person who not only rejects science, but might have a problem believing that everything that exists is made of infinitesimal energy fields with vertiginous distances between them; or that we're basically made of energy—something that can only be defined by its effect. In fact, unlike everyday objects like chairs, and tables, no one knows what the shape, or form of energy actually is.


We know energy allows us to heat our homes, it also cooks our food, and on occasion, it drives nations to compete for it.
For none of us can say that energy has a tangible form.


And yet, everything that is tangible (and intangible, of course) is ultimately made of energy; better yet, energy and information combined.

However, and back to my original point: none of these concepts would mean anything to some people living in our midst, let alone to an indigenous people still living as they have been for thousands of years. Simply put, giving information that is not compatible with a particular people's intellectual mindset could have disastrous effects.

Hence, Daheshism believes in the necessity for different religions.

As a case-in-point, before we got to "turn the other cheek," we had to go through "an eye for an eye," which in itself was a forward leap from perhaps a more sinister outcome.

The long and short of it is this: things, such as social, cultural, and moral development (such as great acts of forgiveness) take time — a long time to evolve.

And under no circumstance, as per a written directive by Doctor Dahesh himself, should a Daheshist engage in proselytizing, or in any sort of coercion.

Our main goal here is to open some minds to the possibility that there might be a grand design behind our universe, and that whoever, or whatever created it, established an unequivocally just and fair system of checks and balances. Ideally, we would have a fresh dialogue that seeks harmony among science, art, mythology, philosophy, and moral and social codes — among others.

And please note I said “harmony,” not “unity”—or “merging into one entity.”

As I have indicated before, in episode 1, we are not here to turn physics into faith, or faith into pseudo science. To truly unify faith and science requires the kind of Mathematics that has not yet been invented. Nothing would make me happier than having a brilliant mathematician show just how we could transition from a folded prayer I had just burnt, and whose ashes I had been clenching in my fist, to somehow precisely rewinding slices or frames of spacetime without causing a thermonuclear reaction — or, at the very least, a sonic boom… something!


The same goes for the occurrence in which Doctor Dahesh leaped a couple of minutes ahead of me in a blink of an eye.

Finally, as Daheshists, particularly the last generation of Daheshists to have witnessed Doctor Dahesh's miracles—and I call them miracles because theoretically-speaking, and according to the likes of Michio Kaku, we are thousands of years away from being able to achieve such feats—our mandate is to help those who are, for whatever reason, disillusioned and asking questions such as "why is this happening to me?" or "if God was so loving and kind, why doesn't he put a stop to wars?"

And while I am not offering any promise of quick-fix solutions, immediate remedies, magic spells or potions as it were, I am providing a loose sketch of a road map to an often long journey towards understanding and acceptance—two important components of inner peace.


All I ask is a temporary suspension of disbelief.


Now, what about God?


What is God?


Where does God reside?


Here, and to give what I am about to explain a historical context, I will share with you a translated passage, which was originally written in Arabic: it is an excerpt from Volume Number 1 of Miracles and Prodigies of Doctor Dahesh (originally translated from Arabic to French by Chucri Chakkour), a detailed log kept by the late and acclaimed Lebanese poet Haleem Dammoos, one whose literary work was read and studied by Kahlil Gibran. Known as the Second Believer in Daheshism, and its chronicler — a man of peace who was made to suffer more than one year in jail as punishment for his adherence to Daheshism — Haleem Dammoos would record the following entry:



August 1st, 1942 – The First Miracle : The Appearance of the Extra-Terrestrial — A Discussion


We were three at my home in Ras-Beirut: Doctor Dahesh, brother Yussef El Hajj, and me.

It was ten o'clock at night when Doctor Dahesh rose and approached the window, and there, he gazed at the moon.

That's when we heard a subtle murmur reaching our ears. And, lo and behold, a light mist materialized before us and began to shrink, to compress, and to diminish until it revealed a man of an amazing form, whose face was red and sparkled as if it were the surface of a mirror. His size was similar to ours. He approached us and began to speak to us at a mind-boggling speed, but in a tongue completely foreign to what we were familiar with. And in our turn, we asked him to express himself in Arabic; we asked him if he could do so, because we were unable to understand a single word he was saying.


That's when Doctor Dahesh approached him, and put his hand on his mouth; he immediately began to express himself in Arabic and in a very clear fashion.

And he said,  "I am the inhabitant of one of these worlds that are inaccessible to your human eyes. Once, I was an inhabitant of your planet — and that was thousands of years ago. And — what you refer to as — ‘Death’ befell me … but in reality, death is none other than a passage from one world to another, from one condition into another.


For as soon as I permanently closed my eyes on your planet, leaving behind my body as food for earthworms, I found myself in a world of sublime beauty.”

“If you were to ask the question, ‘How come we, the living and the inhabitants of this planet are not capable of seeing you — you, who have abandoned your material body and is now wearing  a transparent Spiritual body?’ ”


“My answer would be that the explanation would require many volumes and that I would have to remain with you for many long hours — which is not possible because, and already, the hour to leave you is almost upon us. Nevertheless, I will explain a fact and supply you with proof. And here is, then, the explanation:

Each human being possesses two bodies: One material, the other spiritual.”

“As for your Material World, it possesses vibrating waves, similarly to the Spiritual World, which also possesses vibrating waves that are unique to it. But the difference — from the point of view of the speed of vibration — between the vibrating waves of the Material World and that of the Spiritual World is huge.

The speed of the vibrating waves in your Material World is far lesser than the speed of the vibrating waves in the Spiritual Worlds.”

“When (what is commonly referred to as) death occurs in your world, the spiritual body — which represents the second portion of your personal entity — separates from the material body and rises until it reaches the World whose vibrating waves are identical to its own.”

“That is why it is impossible for you to perceive this spiritual body; it is because the organ of sight is under the influence of your Material World whose vibrating waves are too slow by comparison to the Spiritual World — and to the speed of the vibrating waves in this spiritual body — thus the impossibility to see anything whatsoever. As for the proof, and in order to simplify the problem, and so that you are in a position to better understand it, I will give you this following example:"


"Imagine you are standing in a street and that a car passes right before you, rolling at a great speed. It will pass you without your being able to identify the passengers that were inside the car, and that is due to its staggering speed.”

“But, if you are able to climb inside another car and follow it until you are able to catch up with it — at which point you would be riding side-by-side regardless of speed  — you would be able to perceive those who are inside the other car ... just as they would be able to see you — and that is because your speeds are now identical."

"Likewise, the same can be said about our ethereal world."

"You will not be in a position to perceive it with your eyes that remain subject to the laws of matter and with these vibrations that are far slower than the waves of our Spiritual World.”


We asked him a few questions and received — for each question — an adequate answer.

He took leave of us and began to dissipate little by little before us until he disappeared completely.


His vanishing was as extraordinary as his appearance had been incredible.


The preceding was recorded by Haleem Dammoos on August 1st, 1942.

In today's parlance, you can easily imagine a scenario in which every particle, or wave, or wavicle that makes you who you are (and that would include your mind) were made to vibrate at a vertiginously high frequency. Suddenly, you no longer perceive your Universe in terms of space and time. You probably have just entered a whole different dimension, with different physical laws — that is, if such a designation or construct were still to apply.


You have probably just traveled, by so-called "human" standards, billions, upon billions of light years; yet, you probably didn't travel anywhere, really.

You are, arguably, here, there, and everywhere at the same time.


You have just become a holistic being, one that is other than the sum of its parts.

Well, technically speaking, you have always been one; except that, now, you can really see it!

Congratulations, you have just taken your very first step, after an insanely long, and often arduous journey, into the realm of God: welcome to the 150 levels of the World of the Spirits, also known as The Divine Worlds.

The highest, or purest of these Divine Worlds are called The Heavens: the realm of God almighty.



Ordinarily, I would be describing, in great detail, these Divine Worlds... Except that I can't.

No one can, as a matter of fact — at least not in a way that wouldn't transgress the limits of our human brain's natural limitations. But since we cannot transgress certain limits—ever—the prospect of peering into the Realm of God is therefore impossible. The only thing we  know (by way of Revelation) is that the Realm of the Spirits comprises, once again, 150 levels, and that, within these levels, dwell the Spirits. From these Spirits, extend what is known in Daheshism as the Spiritual Fluids, in various degrees of loftiness, and depth, forming two subsequent realms known as Paradise, and Hell.

Similarly, both are also each composed of 150 levels.


Could we, instead of saying "150 levels," say "150 dimensions"?


Probably so. But what is important here is to remember that every level, dimension, degree, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it, can only be perceived by entities, or beings, of compatible wavelengths. That is why, for example, an earthling sees The Moon as a barren wasteland despite a revelation from Doctor Dahesh that it is teeming with life; not only that, The Moon even boasts a more advanced civilization, and a higher spiritual level to boot!

And speaking of Planet Earth — or rather the reality we humans perceive while existing as human beings in a normal state of consciousness — it is worthy to note that it is on the threshold of the first level of Hell.

So to recap, we have the non-localized, unconfined, unrestricted realm of The World of the Spirits (the Heavens), where Spirits thrive. From them, extends a network of energy signatures known to the Daheshists as the Spiritual Fluids. These Spiritual Fluids constitute everything that does not belong in the Heavens.

As I have already indicated, in The World of The Spirits — 150 levels in all — reside the Spirits. These are the Divine levels whose upper parts constitute the realm of God Almighty.

From these Spirits extend the Spiritual Fluids that permeate all of the two other principal realms: Paradise, and Hell — each broken down into 150 levels. And as I have explained, Earth (and its associated reality) resides on the threshold of the first level of Hell.

So what are the Fluids anyway, and can we see them?


In a nutshell, Fluids or Spiritual Fluids are the fabric and hidden consciousness of Paradise and Hell, where creatures and things of every imaginable type, size — and tendency — dwell. Therefore, it is important to ponder the essence of these Fluids, their effect, and last but not least the outcome of their interactions.

For me, personally, understanding what Fluids are is akin to understanding the characteristics of atoms, or fundamental particles. For example, a block of wood is in the final analysis nothing but empty space,  and the particles that make it up are not really "solid."  Instead, and fundamentally-speaking, they are made of energy.

And despite the equivalency of mass and energy, as expressed in Albert Einstein’s famous special relativity equation E=mc2, which says that the mass (m) of a body times the speed of light (c) squared is equal to the kinetic energy (E) of that body, we cannot describe energy in terms of an absolute shape or physical structure — just as we could when defining a block of wood, or a chair for example — both of which being the end-result of that amalgam of particles, which congealed, as it were, and formed molecules, and so on and so forth — thus building the final illusion of an absolute "image" (or "projection" if you like) of that block of wood or chair.


The fact of the matter is that reality, with all its degrees of solidness, and absolute notions pertaining to patterns and shapes, looks very fuzzy when viewed up-close. Stranger yet, at the quantum level, there is not a certainty — rather, a probability of finding a particle.


And if we go below a certain scale, it is downright empty space.


And just as information had to play a part in order for wood to be transformed into a chair, the same applies for Spiritual


Spiritual Fluids are sentient.


And even though we cannot truly visualize what Spiritual Fluids are, we could nevertheless develop an intuitive notion about their makeup, if we employed metaphors, or analogies.


In addition, I don't think anyone can escape having to read up on Physics (and ponder these concepts for a reasonable amount of time) in order to begin to feel comfortable with the notion that, for example, Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Weak and Strong Force — and perhaps other forces still unknown to us — are, in essence, Spiritual Fluids.


What all of that means in terms of concrete scientific concepts is beyond us — or our ambitions — for we will never fully understand how it all works.


Nevertheless, we have enough to decode certain Scriptural Passages, especially those that were recorded thousands of years ago. Today, I can safely tell you that it was no literal rib of Adam's that was the source of Eve's materialization in The Garden of Eden; rather, that it was one of Adam's Spiritual Fluids.


As to the matter of who Adam was, and why he materialized in this place called  The Garden of Eden, we shall visit that in a future episode.


In the meantime, think of the Spiritual Fluids as the utmost fundamental energy building blocks of the Realms of Paradise and Hell.


Now, let's look at "Man."


"Man" is made up of a body, a soul, and a spirit.


Before I continue, it is important to mention that the spirit-element of Man only resides in the realm of The Spirits.

Remember that I have indicated that from these Spirits extend the Spiritual Fluids that permeate all of the two other principal realms: Paradise, and Hell. So, in a way and to some extent, Man is a "projection" of a Spirit that only resides in the Realm of the Spirits.


As to the human body itself, it is made up of a Fluids — formal, generic Fluids found in "nature,” as it were.


To help differentiate this type of generic fluid, also known as The fundamental Fluid, from a Spiritual Fluid, let us look at some analogies:


Imagine a honey comb. The honey the bees produce varies in taste based on what flowers they gather pollen from. However, unadulterated beeswax has pretty much the same properties.


Or, imagine two computers using the same parts, yet are different in the sense that they are run by two different operating systems. Think "Software" versus "Hardware."


Better yet, imagine all the computers of the world using the same type of metal frame, and yet each running a unique operating system.


Hence, in Paradise and in Hell, there exists generic building blocks in the same fashion we have generic bricks and mortar that can either go into the construction of a palace or a modest cottage.


As far as being building blocks, those generic Fluids — also known as the fundamental Fluids— point to a class of Fluids that determine the common form, senses, and attributes of a species, or subspecies.


Human beings, for instance, have a common Fluid: the basic "blueprint," if you will, that specifies how many ears, eyes, and so on, each human being should typically be equipped with. The same holds true for trees, penguins, rocks and on and so forth. However it is only the The Main Spiritual Fluid — or the Vital Spiritual Fluid — that provides life to a human (for example) along with his or her main traits — tall, short, black, brown, white, etc. — and dispositions: those inherent qualities of mind and character.


And it does so — according to Daheshism — once it enters a fetus at the time of birth.


It is worthwhile to note that this Principal or Vital Spiritual Fluid, is connected to either the mother or the father of the newborn, hence the natural and often-common tendency for any parent to favor — or feel closer to — one child, over another.


When death takes place, this Vital Spiritual Fluid leaves the body in a flash of unimaginable speed, and sets out on another journey, taking on another form, in a world compatible with its deeds.


In addition to the Vital Spiritual Fluids that give us life, we have the Inherited and Acquired Spiritual Fluids.


The Inherited Spiritual Fluids are genetically transferred from both parents.


As to the Acquired Spiritual Fluids, they are earned — or gathered — during one’s lifetime. And these Acquired Spiritual Fluids may take the form of habits, tendencies, skills, qualities, and shortcomings to name a few.


However, unlike the Inherited Spiritual Fluids — and we shall see the implications of that in some future episode — Acquired Spiritual Fluids are the sole property, and responsibility, of whomever earns them.


Now, and because of the multidimensional aspect of Creation — and keeping things relatively simple for the time-being — please know that Spiritual Fluids have cross-dimensional reach and influence:


Each one of us, believe it or not, is the resultant of a complex network of projections of Spiritual Fluids, some of which might be thriving in some dimensions, and are therefore driven to reward us, while — conversely — others might be suffering in other dimensions, and are bent on punishing us.


And I’ll leave it at that, for now.


In the meantime, we have learned that Spiritual Fluids — a step above the Generic, or Fundamental Fluids — are, if you will, the “software” that make up the essence of the human self: in other words, the Soul.

They are also linked to the Spirits, which might reside in any of the 150 levels of The World of the Spirits — or The Heavens, or Nirvana.




As I have already mentioned, from the Spirits extend the Spiritual Fluids that permeate all of Paradise and Hell.


Despite its links to the Spiritual Fluids, a Spirit is a Divine and Pure essence that is not bound by the natural laws, and only resides in the community, or society of Spirits (once again, in any of the 150 levels of the World of the Spirits), which was created by the Creative Force that is God Almighty.


Therefore, the Spirits are the Origin of All of Creation, and The Mothers of All the Beings.


In other words, if anything exists anywhere within the 150 levels of Paradise, or the 150 levels of Hell, it does so thanks to a Mother Spirit.


And so from these Mother Spirits, the Spiritual Fluids are dispatched (or sprung). These Spiritual Fluids, in turn, make up (or form) the beings according to Divine Wisdom and Cosmic Laws, and to the Mother Spirits they shall return once they have attained the height of their elevation and purification.


The Spiritual Fluids are further broken down into three types (as regards their tendencies): lofty, material, and lowly.


And relative equilibrium can only be achieved when the Fluids that have a lofty tendency are able to dominate the other two.


Now, The Spiritual Fluids that have a tendency towards loftiness, are the only ones that are allowed to leave the Earth towards a loftier world. Whereas the Spiritual Fluids with Material Tendencies shall remain within the attraction of the Earth.


As for the Spiritual Fluids with Lowly tendencies, they will be subject to the Attraction of the Infernal Worlds.


Once again, every Spirit is a true Mother Spirit to a group of beings and is connected to them through invisible beams — or rays.


As a result, every Mother Spirit rises and falls, through the Spiritual Ranks in accordance with the rise and fall of Beings connected to it, and which that Mother Spirit has created.


Therefore, countless Stars and Planets are spread out over over 150 lofty Spiritual Levels and 150 lowly ones.


The upper 150 levels make up the Worlds of Paradise, or the Paradisaical Worlds.


As for the lower 150 levels, they make up the worlds of Hell (also known as the Inferno), or the Infernal Worlds.


And every higher or lower level or stage encompasses countless material orbs, each assigned its own laws, climate, and inhabitants.


Again, Earth, on the Scale of the Cosmic Civilizations, is situated exactly between the upper worlds and the lower ones.

No space ship or rocket can lead us to the whatever glory awaits us in the upper worlds.


Only an inner spiritual rising will allow any Spiritual Fluid, after departing from Man, to materialize in an Upper World it merits materializing in.


On the other hand, if Man lowers himself, succumbs, and clings to all that is worldly, well, then Man will expose himself to the field of attraction of the Lower Worlds and his Spiritual Fluids will materialize there — upon departing from him — on a Planet rife with ignorance, darkness, wickedness, and where untold misery and hardship are rampant, and that would be in accordance with the Divine Cosmic Laws.


In Episode 1, I made a reference to science fiction, a subject I am particularly fond of.


On that topic, Professor Michio Kaku, a leading theoretical physicist credited with  co-founding the String Field Theory, said in a Big Think video presentation called “The Universe in a Nutshell” that:

“Most of science fiction is in fact well within the laws of physics, but possible within maybe 100 years. And then we have type-two impossibilities, impossibilities that may take 1,000 years or more. That includes time travel, warp drive, higher dimensions, portals through space and time, star gates, worm holes. That's type two. And then we have type three, and those are things which simply violate all the known laws of physics, and  they're very few of them."*


Doctor Dahesh, arguably a "type-three impossibility," taught that God had sealed the mysteries of existence, as well as the ultimate purpose of Creation, from even His prophets — in fact I once went up to him as he working away at his desk in my apartment in New York City, and asked him if he, himself, had ever seen God; to which, he stopped writing, smiled, shook his head, and replied, "Not even the Prophets, the messengers of God, have seen Him."


And then I asked him a follow-up question, "Do animals have prophets?" to which he said in Arabic, "Halla Khallina min hal maou'doo!" which roughly translates into: "Now, spare us that subject!"

Doctor Dahesh once wrote:

"Man, may you one day understand that as powerful as you are, as marvelous and as astonishing the deeds you perform are, as admirable as the works you accomplish are, and even if your discoveries were to surpass the horizon as no one before you has ever been able to do, and whatever they might be ... there lies within the depths of existence something incomprehensible and elusive; something whose nature and essence are unknown. This something laughs and mocks your achievements, and will keep on doing so until your ephemeral hour end ... and you will have left as though you had never come."




December 6, 2015





Physics and the Impossible


Most of science fiction is in fact well within the laws of physics, but possible within maybe 100 years.  And then we have type two impossibilities, impossibilities that may take 1,000 years or more.  That includes time travel, warp drive, higher dimensions, portals through space and time, star gates, worm holes.  That’s type two.  And then we have type three, and those are things which simply violate all the known laws of physics, and they’re very few of them.


So in my life I’ve had two great passions.  First is to help complete Einstein’s dream of a theory of everything.  An equation one inch long that would allow us to, “Read the mind of God.”


But the second passion of my life is to see the future.



Michio Kaku also discusses the above in his book:

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